Power Alert GSM Device

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Power Alert GSM Device
Power Alert GSM Device

Mainly Features

  • GSM/GPRS/3G/4G network communication, can be operated from anywhere, no distance;
    Multiple applications:temperature,humidity,power supply voltage,3 phase power status, single-phase power status, etc.;
  • Inbuilt MCU monitoring power supply input voltage value, measure range is 0~36V, no need additional sensor to save cost;
  • Up to 10 authorized phone numbers, 5 can be used to receive SMS alarm,and 5 can be used to call and SMS while alarm occurrence;
  • Can set timer report and every x hours automatically send its status/value to the first authorized number;
    Support remotely read historic data via SMS;
  • Rechargeable backup battery inside can last 8~12 hours;
  • Modular structure design, replace a module can upgrade the network from 2G to 3G/4G or 3G to 4G;
  • Compatible wall installation and DIN35mm industrial rail installation;

SMS Alert Mobile App

SMS Alert App

(3/single-phase power monitoring) series products are the temperature/humidity/analog power/voltage/monitoring alarm.Can be set up according to the practical application of temperature/humidity/analog/power supply voltage of the high and low limit alarm value, when the current value reaches the alarm value, when will send alarm messages and telephone inform the user.


User can from the authorization number by calling equipment number, will automatically reject and immediately send current status messages to BoDaZhe, users can query the current state via text message instructions.Equipment can be set up on a daily basis fixed point and periodic reports the current status messages to the first user.