We provide installation services up to 132KV for GIS, Power Transformers, Switchgear, Control, Protection Panel Boards, Cable Laying and termination, Cable Trays, GIS platform, Auxiliary Systems, oil Filtration, Capacitor Banks and Reactors.

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Our Installation teams have offered yet another answer for LSTK projects with which we pride ourselves to be pioneers in this Total Service solution.

Our Services Include:

Installation of GIS and conventional HV equipment.
Installation and Coupling of 13.8kV and 33kV Switchgear including Feeder Panels.
Installation and Relocation of Control & Protection Panel Boards.
Installation and modification of ACDBs & DCDBs, including Cable Laying and Termination.
Complete Installation of Cable Trays, Ladders and Supporting Systems.
Installation of Transformers, Oil Draining, Refilling and Treatment.
Installation of Capacitor Banks, Reactors, Battery Banks and Battery Chargers.