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Solar Power in Saudi Arabia Kingdom

solar power in saudi arabia is the most atractive renewable resource and very important to the country as oil prices have been increased In 2011. and due to The high rate of population growth and economic growth in Saudi Arabia is followed by a rise in the rate of energy consumption, whether it is fuel, electricity or desalination. To maintain the existing resources, achieve balance, meet the requirements of life for future generations and achieve economic development; many serious steps has be taken in utilizing solar power in saudi arabia as well as oil and gas within the national energy mix.

Solar Power in Saudi Arabia radiation leves
Saudi Arabia Solar Radiation Levels

The main reasone for importance of solar Power in Saudi Arabia is geographically suitable because it is located in the so-called sun belt, which has led it to become one of the largest solar power producers. As the average solar radiation in Saudi Arabia varies between a maximum of 7.004 kWh/m2 at Bisha and a minimum of 4.479 kWh/m2 at Tabuk (Fig. 3). The higher values of solar radiation are observed in most parts of the southern region of the country, such as Bisha, Nejran, and Sulayyil.

solar power in saudi arabia National Renewable Energy Program
National Renewable Energy Program

Thus, Saudi Arabia has launched the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP), in an active aspiration to indigenize the solar power in saudi arabia market with the highest international standards. The program aims to activate our local sources of renewable energy production from solar power, it is planned to produce 9.5 GW of renewable energy by 2023 with an interim target of producing 3.45 GW by 2020.

This NREP will contribute to Saudi Arabia’s economy and the development of human resources through the expansion of investment in new sectors, as well as its attraction of national and international companies’ investments, and the establishment and indigenization of advanced technologies.

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